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Community Involvement

Twigs Bistro & Martini Bar Donation Program

Since opening our first restaurant in Spokane in 2001, Twigs Bistro and Martini Bar has been an integral part of the local community. As we have continued to grow, we have looked at new ways to share our success within all the communities we now serve.

Funding decisions are made by our team on the following schedule.

Receipt Date Review Month
January - February March
March - April May
May - June July
July - August September
September - October November
November-December January


Twigs Bistro and Martini Bar looks for non-profit organizations that demonstrate creativity, diversity and an innovative approach to their mission and objectives.

How to Apply

Twigs Bistro and Martini Bar believes in supporting its local community organizations and events and will consider all requests meeting our guidelines equally. To request a donation, please fill out the form completely and email, mail or fax it back to us. Please note that completing the form does not guarantee a donation; it is a way for us to learn more about your event and determine if we are able to support it at this time. All requests must be postmarked or submitted a minimum of 30 days prior to your event to be considered. Because of the number of requests we receive, it can take up to four weeks to process each request.

Other Fundraising Opportunities

Tuesday @ Twigs - We have created a unique opportunity for organizations to partner with Twigs for cash donations. A Tuesday @ Twigs event consists of you distributing a card to people associated with your organization. They will then bring the card into Twigs on a predetermined date and we will make a 10% cash donation back to you for all food and beverage purchases that are accompanied by a the Tuesday @ Twigs card. You will need to present the card to your server when you receive your check.

To set up a Tuesday @ Twigs event please contact the manager at the location nearest you.