OCTOBER 4 - 17

Crab Dip Wontons
Five crab, artichoke and cream cheese stuffed wontons, fried golden and served with wasabi and sriracha aioli...12.99

*Korean Burger
A half-pound burger topped with Korean BBQ, kimchee, pickled daikon radish and a gochujang aioli served with a side of your choice...16.99

Gochujang Smoked Pork Belly
A tender 6-ounce pork belly slow-cooked until tender and served with bacon jam, yuzu crema, radish kimchee, daikon sprouts. Smoked to order...19.99

Mochi + Pineapple
Mango, strawberry and green tea mochis with caramelized pineapple sorbet and dulce de leche...7.99

Drink Feature
Ginger Snap
Muddle lemon and lime with Tito’s vodka, Canton ginger liquor and Grand Marnier shaken and served up with a lemon twist…10

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