Twigs Bistro at THE WATERFRONT in Vancouver, WA. is accepting reservation requests for viewing the Christmas Ships with this online form only. Please fill out completely and we will call within two business days to confirm availability and receive pre-payment.

Table options available:

  • Premium tables – These tables have the best viewing in the restaurant and are next to, or very close to the windows.

    • $100 for a table of 4  

      • Includes 4 signature cocktails and two appetizers for the table.

    • $150 for a table of 6

      • Include 6 signature cocktails and three appetizers for the table.


  • General seating –  These tables have views of the waterfront, but have other tables between them and the windows. 

    • $75 for a table of 4

      • Includes 4 signature cocktails and one appetizer for the table.

    • $50 for a table of 2

      • Includes 2 signature cocktails and one appetizer for the table.


  • No ticket required – There are a handful of tables that we are not selling tickets for that can be reserved. These tables do not have a view of the waterfront.

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Someone from the restaurant will contact you to confirm your table and arrange payment for your tickets.