MAY 15 - 28


Greek Pizza

Greek Pizza.jpg

Our artisan crust brushed with herb oil, rubbed with garlic, then topped with mozzarella and feta cheese, capers, rosemary and marinated artichoke hearts, baked golden brown then topped with spinach dressed with olive oil, salt and balsamic glaze…15.99


Roasted Lamb Pita

Roasted Lamb Pita.jpg

Herb-crusted leg of lamb slow-roasted and sliced thin served on warm pita bread with tangy tzatziki sauce, tomatoes, lettuce, red onion, cucumbers and the side of your choice…14.99


Baked Rockfish And Potatoes

Baked Rockfish And Potatoes.jpg

A flavorful blend of tomatoes, capers, roasted garlic, kalamata olives, shallots and artichoke hearts baked with a hearty portion of rockfish and herb-roasted Yukon potatoes topped with olive oil and a drizzle of balsamic glaze…19.99

Drink Feature

Floating Cabernet Margarita

Floating Cabernet Margarita.jpg

A classic lime margarita topped with red wine, a bit sweet, a little tart and very delicious, mixed with Lunazul Tequila, Berringer Cabernet, lime juice, and simple syrup…12.00